In a digitally transformed world, how does one keep their business connected every step of their way?

Today, Singapore startups face several challenges: They lack real knowledge to understand the need for Information Technology (IT) services, or they do not know how and where to start. Even if startups have acquired these services, they have to deal with multiple service providers, which mean managing multiple Service Level Agreements (SLAs), accounts and billing processes. Therefore, partnering with a reputable one-stop service provider is critical to eliminate all these hassles.



Gone are the days when starting up a new business was a far-fetched dream, and a lot of credit for making this possible goes to new technologies.

It is also true that the success of your startup hinges on having a strong IT infrastructure. Here are six must-have services to give your business a head start.


Domain Name

Getting a domain name is the first step to building an online presence for your business. Your choice will impact the website’s success in nearly every area, including search engine optimisation (SEO).


Web and E-mail Hosting

While selecting a domain name is one thing, choosing a suitable hosting provider to keep your website and email alive is quite another. The reputation of a startup largely depends on the quality of its website, user experience, scalability and security standards—all of which point to the need for investing in a professional hosting service.

It is important to choose the right hosting solution that meets your business needs.  With shared hosting, resources are shouldered by all the businesses using a particular shared hosting solution. Hence, costs go down significantly. Shared hosting is an economical option if you are planning to host and maintain only your web site, as well as maintaining a limited number of email accounts with no intention to scale up.

On the other hand, VPS hosting allows businesses to have greater control over the resources they use. They can install modules and run scripts with ease, which is not possible with a shared hosting solution. The only downside is that VPS hosting solutions are relatively more expensive. If you have multiple media-rich websites and require enterprise-grade emails, then VPS hosting is the way to go.


Backup and Recovery Solutions

Imagine that you have finally set up your website and email, but one day a virus infection corrupts and cripples your website and email. Or due to natural calamities like floods, your data center gets defunct. The question is how do you get your data back? By ensuring you have a proper backup and recovery system.

Having a proper backup and recovery solution ensures minimal, or even no loss of what may be confidential information or intellectual property, which may run into tax-related issues and other regulatory problems. With advancement in technology, modern backup systems have moved to the Cloud where data is stored offsite. Some service providers even provide unmetered data transfers which allow replication of huge amounts of data in a very short time.


IP PBX Phone System

Telecommunication is key to the success of a startup business. It means business dealings with customers and partners, and communication between employees. If your business requires a reliable yet cost-effective telephony system, this is where an IP PBX phone system comes into the picture.

A hosted IP PBX phone system is a smart solution that takes advantage of both voice and data networks for improved business communications. It also eliminates the need to have costly infrastructure and capital expenditure on a traditional PBX or key phone system – you only pay for what you use and scale up as necessary.

Another benefit is that an IP PBX phone system allows multiple devices to be remotely linked with just one number, which means your employees can turn their home or mobile phone into their office phone and stay contactable anytime, anywhere. Imagine your office is not ready, but your customers will be able to contact your office number via your mobile. This is an extremely viable option if your employees are always on the move.


High-Performance Internet Connection

As business applications go digital, it’s extremely crucial that businesses not only have a high-speed Internet connection; it must also be of high performance. A high-speed, high-performing internet ensures that your business can manage mission-critical applications and is well connected with customers, partners and employees. It gathers even more significance if your business is largely dependent on Cloud solutions, as the Internet provides the end-to-end connection from your office to your Cloud service provider.

A high-speed, high-performing internet can significantly boost the productivity of your business and will directly impact customer experience.


Conferencing Solution

If you already had plans to take your business overseas, then it’s a must to invest in an all-in-one conferencing solution that unifies audio, web, video and mobile communications. Such conferencing solution makes it possible for your employees to attend meetings on-the-go on any device, enhance collaboration and increase productivity.

It is a known fact that an all-in-one conferencing solution reduces travel expenses drastically. According to research by ECA International, Singapore is the fifth most expensive location in Asia Pacific for business travel. Startups need to save money and they can easily do away with these expenses by embracing an all-in-one conferencing solution. Thanks to this, your employees can now chat, share images and spreadsheets, record meetings via video and do much more without worrying about security.


Finding a one-stop service provider to meet your communication needs

While sourcing for these services, Singapore startups face several challenges: They lack real IT knowledge to understand the need for these services, or that they do not know how and where to start. Even if startups have acquired these services, they have to deal with multiple service providers. This means managing multiple SLAs, accounts and billing processes, amongst others which can prove a chore for businesses.

In a world where growth is key to the survival of a business, startups should give themselves a head-start by having essential communication services without breaking the bank. More importantly, engage a one-stop service provider and leave all the technicalities to them, so that you can focus on your business.


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