Launching a new business and you are now scratching your head on how to expedite your journey to success? ZONE and Cybersite have put together 3 tips to assist you on your journey.

1) Establish your Online Presence

A good website allows you to present your product or service in the best light while making you easily contactable.

As the experienced hosting service provider for SMEs, Cybersite has a guide below on how to quickly bring your new business online.

The Start-up Guide to Establish Your Online Presence

The New Business Guide to Establish Your Online Presence

Furthermore, we have written articles addressing each point in greater detail:

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2) Plug into the Internet and Prioritise Cyber-security

New businesses or start-ups today have little need for a physical office but, there is one necessity that you should not scrimp on: a high quality and secure Internet connection.

Free public Wi-Fi, the lifebuoy in urgent business or personal situations, makes you pay a high price in exchange for convenience; it puts you in danger of being hacked.

Perhaps most relevant, there is a common saying among Cyber security experts: Every internet user belongs to one of the following three groups: a) those who will be hacked, b) those who have been hacked and have learnt their lesson, and c) those who have been hacked but are blissfully unaware.

Simply put, a WiFi or LAN connection is required for data to move between you and a website and this exposes the user to a variety of attacks. On a secured connection, the data traffic moving between you and the intended destination is not visible to third parties but on an unsecured connection, the traffic is visible to anyone. What is worth reminding is cyber attacks often rely on psychological trickery rather than complex computer programmes. For instance, a cyber-criminal may pose as a legitimate organisation that offers free unsecured WiFi connection. By tapping on that network, all the data transmitted from your device becomes instantly visible to them.

As a business owner, your business’s reputation lies in having a secure and safe platform. If you have adopted cyber-security protocols, share with your users how you have safeguarded your business!

3) Network Your Way To Success

If you have not been attending relevant talks or panel discussions to meet new people and share your ideas, it is time you get yourself involved!

Talking to strangers can be an off-putting thought but what is there to lose? Apart from learning useful tips and tricks at these event sessions, who knows, that casual connection may help you in ways you never thought of. Of course, do stay in touch with your contacts after the event on professional platforms or on your phone!

If you’re a new business, ZONE and Cybersite are sponsoring a series of talks that cover topics such as idea development, product validation, business expansion, team building and funding. Check out our real-time updates from the sessions in October and November 2017 on our Facebook page.

Talk attendees will be able to claim free 1-year domains, web hosting, email hosting and/or IDD services. For more details, please email us at [email protected]