Hate it or love it, emails, the main mode of business communication will not be going away even with explosion of communication platforms available today.

But don’t look down on the humble email – with the right set-up and/or programmes in place, a simple email can easily perform beyond its unassuming role.

Enhance Your Professional Brand With Just $1/month

So you have just made a new business contact and your eyes quickly scan over the name card…





Maybe you’re good at holding a poker face but your internal warning bells must have started to jingle…

No doubt, Gmail and other popular free email-hosting servers are reputable and observe high security standards but when meeting someone new, every piece of available information carries extra weight. If you are a small, medium business and don’t have the branding budget of a multi-national company, you would want to, at the very least, convey a professional outlook.

What more, having a professional email account costs as little as SGD$1 per month. There really isn’t a reason to not have one.


Effortless Marketing

Every day you interact with customers, vendors and business partners via email and these correspondences can easily hit a hundred per day. Ever thought about the potential publicity if each email could support your business marketing efforts?

Here are a few suggestions:

Email Signature

You’ve just launched a new product, promotion or perhaps, have a really important public announcement. Why not include an eye-catching banner in your sign off with a clear call to action?


It could be a link to sign up for an event, download a file or link to a web page. Most importantly, you, the sender, know that this opportunity is going to someone you are interacting with. With your contact details conveniently located within your email signature as well, any questions that your interested leads may have will immediately go to you.

Welcome On-board!

Another option is to set-up automated emails for customers who sign up for your services or even, a newsletter. Again, this is a touch point that you can leverage on to introduce yourself, showcase your product and service range or drive the very first transaction with your contact.


IKEA inspires you to design your home in their welcome email.

welcome-email-example-uber UBER encourages you to start using with a free first ride in their confirmation email.

They’ve hit ‘unsubscribe’… but is it the end?

spotify-playlist-easter-eggSpotify really can’t bear to give you up….

What have you done to scare your lead into hitting the the ‘unsubscribe’ button?! Honestly, it is part and parcel in every business to lose subscribers but this is not the end. Take it as an opportunity to make them feel valued with a memorable send-off! For Spotify, even if the subscriber went ahead with cancelling, they left amused and impressed by the on-brand wittiness.

Likewise, think about how you can build positive vibes at every point of customer contact – even when they are leaving you.


Spam or content distribution channel?

Lastly, the email channel is used to disseminate undesirable spam or malicious phishing junk, As a result, a lot of your well-intended emails are dismissed or immediately filtered by email clients into junk folders.

Let’s take a step back here: what if you take emails as a content delivery system and your role is to deliver relevant and good content to your recipients?

Sample EDM that Cybersite sent to their contacts.

Contacts who opened the first EDM will subsequently receive this EDM. 

Of course, you may not use your email beyond business correspondences but at the very core of it, an email is information exchange and information is a type of content. How you phrase a request can illicit very different responses from your recipient so anyone can always work on how they come off on emails.

If your business communications include an email marketing strategy, then there are many free tools such as MailChimp and ConvertKit that will allow you to maintain a database and disseminate automated emails based on recipient behaviour or sequenced emails. We won’t venture too far into the email marketing territory but for starters, these are good tools to play with.

So here’s our take on everything you need to know about email and the possibilities with this medium is endless. Feel free to share your thoughts with us as well on our Facebook page!

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