This year, APAC CIO Outlook, a leading IT magazine in the Asia Pacific region, published its list of the “Top 25 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers” that highlights some of the most prominent solution providers in the industry. With the growing number of web-enabled devices used in today’s business environment, cloud computing has gained traction in the marketplace. Due to the improvement in technological capabilities and changes in marketplace demands, cloud computing is steadily replacing more rigid software and services licensing models. Although cloud computing is not something new in the marketplace, nowadays it has become a mature technology that holds significant impact on IT and how user access applications, business services and information. Businesses and organisations strive to look for a long-term plan to know the cloud and their internal systems.

Cloud providers continue their quest to offer best benefits in the form of application services and data analytics to help level the playing field for SMEs. Most businesses turn to different cloud service providers to help them meet their businesses demands. It means they take advantage of public and private cloud. Admittedly, this had led to some concerns about businesses and their ability to keep an eye on their resources and maintain a firm hold on the cloud they are using. While most companies are switching to not just one cloud service to meet all their needs anytime soon, the increase of hybrid cloud options helps streamline the mix of public and private clouds. This allows businesses to embrace the speed and agility of cloud while still maintaining compliance around security, cost, and performance. To ensure significant returns on their cloud investments, enterprises also need to carefully evaluate which application or workload should be moved to the cloud and what should remain on premise. With a plethora of vendors, choosing the right cloud solution provider who can meet the needs of a different business poses a challenge.

We are pleased to announce that Cybersite’s cloud solutions were given the thumbs up by APAC CIO Outlook, after a rigorous assessment of 1,200 Cloud solution providers.  Well done Cybersite!

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