• nailing-your-website-design

    Web Design: Your Basics Guide

    Last month, we shared the importance of small businesses to have a website. Making the decision to have a website, however, is the easiest part because you will need to then create a website that helps you fulfill business goals. Herein comes the most important element of any website: web design. What if you don’t have the basics to get started?

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    4 Ways Cloud-Based Remote Backup Can Help Businesses

    Today, businesses are increasingly looking to cloud services for scalability and flexibility, and that includes backup services. By backing up data in the cloud, businesses can reduce costs and operations through offloading some of their risk to a service provider. Here, we share with you four ways how cloud-based remote backup can benefit.

  • does-your-business-really-need-a-website

    Does Your Small Business Need a Website?

    Your business may be small but are you significant online?

    With a 150% mobile penetration rate and over 80% of the population that are active on the internet, having an online presence is crucial for your business in Singapore. However you may be debating whether you need a dedicated website and it is a difficult decision – maintenance cost can easily creep on and relevant content and layout require constant attention and resources.

    Here are four reasons why every small business should have a dedicated website: