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    Six Services You Need to Give Your Business a Head Start

    In a digitally transformed world, how does one keep their business connected every step of their way?

    Today, Singapore startups face several challenges: They lack real knowledge to understand the need for Information Technology (IT) services, or they do not know how and where to start. Even if startups have acquired these services, they have to deal with multiple service providers, which mean managing multiple Service Level Agreements (SLAs), accounts and billing processes. Therefore, partnering with a reputable one-stop service provider is critical to eliminate all these hassles.

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    Understanding Cybersecurity Breaches and How to Prevent Them

    Security breaches are scary and, at the same time, embarrassing. They can impact sales and also damage a brand’s reputation.

    When the survival of your business depends on your brand’s reputation, there’s a lot at stake—especially if you are an online business. New technologies are making cyber criminals smarter and, at the same time, businesses more vulnerable to breaches.